About Sustain-IT

Laurent growed in a bilingual environment (French/Dutch). Quite early, he learned English and since then, he used it on a frequent way. Since 1994, he acts as Mechanical Engineer from the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons. In 1997, he granted a Master in Computer Audit from UAMS (ex IPO) and the CISA. He pursued his curriculum with trainings (several with certifications) on portfolio/programme/project management, Change Management, IT Management, IT governance and Interim Management. Laurent is also member of PMI Belgium, ISACA Belgium and Vlerick Alumini.

During his 17 years professional track, Laurent was assigned to several positions mainly in the IT world, from analyst to auditor or IT director. Since 2004, as management consultant, Laurent succeeded in assignments related on IT governance, project management, process improvement (IT but also Financial or outsourcing), Quality assurance, portfolio management.

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Laurent is used in definition of initiatives roadmap, workshop facilitation, problem solving sessions, training and coaching, implementation of state-of-the art solutions, change management, establishment of metrics, risk management practices, assessments.

He has been active in different sectors : mainly financial but also insurance, transport, building, manufacturing, service,… And this in small organizations to pan-european ones; from public ones to quoted ones.

In 2011, based on all its previous experiences, Laurent launched « sustain-IT », with aim to deliver state-of-the-art consulting services on IT sustainability. To achieve this, Laurent is busy developing a framework that may be used at any stage of a sustainability programme.

Laurent should be delighted to provide you more information on his track.