How can we help you ?

Sustain-IT is a consultancy organisation active in sustainability: mainly for ICT department. At any stage of your initiative, we help your organisation with best-of-the-bridge services to achieve your sustainability objectives.Through its four stage approach, Sustain-IT delivers services :
  • in defining your sustainability objectives and setting-up your sustainability organisation (read more on planning) ;
  • in implementing, based on smooth project management technics, your roadmap of sustainability initiatives (read more on implemention) ;
  • in assessing, against environmental standards and with objectivity and independance, the outcomes of your sustainability initiatives (read more on assessment) ;
  • in establishing an organisation agile and ready to go further in the sustainability journey (read more on improvement)

To achieve this top-of-the edge services, Sustain-IT underlies on proofed management techniques as innovation, performance management, change management, risk management, project and programme management.