You said « Green IT » ?

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Since Kyoto forum, most of the people are aware on the consequences of climate change.

Some important personalities like e.g. Al Gore have emphased on the importance of taking action now.

In Smart2020 report, it is established that by 2020, ICT should enable to reduce the Gas House emission (GHe) by 15%. ICT has already shown in the past its breakthrough capabilities.

To achieve this 15% objective of GHe reduction, improvements in the IT infrastructure (Footprint is about 2% of total GHe) is a first good step (Green 1.0) but unfortunately, it requires much more.

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This is only achievable if ICT is part of any sustainable programme and even better, if sustainability is on the CIO agenda. As such, synergies could be stimulated across the complete organisation, for the better stake  of everyone.

Sustainability should be considered in any ICT decision (beside the classical Costs/benefits), it should be embedded in key ICT processes.

Business analytics – enabled by ICT – should include sustainable performance indicators. As such, transparence on GHe could be achieved, with benefits for customers and corporation.

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